Karen Anderson
With over 30 years of experience in compassionate care for the creatures in our lives who we call a part of our family, Dr. K is an integral part of the fabric of the Mad River Valley and the families that reside here. In addition, those who call this special place a “home away from home” also utilize her services since her down to earth approach of both caring and educating is a unique blend that benefits both the animal and the owner.

Dr. K has an extensive educational background. She obtained her Doctorate at the Cornell School of Veterinary Medicine and has studied at Colorado State University, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, and UVM. Currently licensed to practice In Vermont and New York, she has previously been licensed to practice in CA, CO, MA, ME, NH, and NM. Dr Anderson’s experience as an itinerant veterinarian exposed her to a very wide variety of animals, scenarios, clients, and challenges. End of life care for pets is an area that Dr. K devotes a lot of time, patience, and thought to. Each case is unique, and her broad experience brings a spectrum of insight and experience to the process. Her grandfather and father were dentists and her mother was a nurse. Karen is a 3rd generation doctor and her experience growing up in a family that practiced providing care to others has been transferred to both patients and clients. As President of the Greater Burlington Academy of Veterinary Medicine in 2010, a member of the Vermont Association of Veterinary Medicine and the Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee of the UVM Medical School, Karen continues to grow her knowledge of current veterinary practices through ongoing involvement with veterinary organizations and professional relationships with other local veterinary practices. Dr. K is passionate about animal welfare both at home and on a global scale. She has volunteered to provide care and educational training for animals on humanitarian missions with aide organizations to Costa Rica, Haiti, Nepal, Peru, and Ecuador, and in 2016 will undertake a mission to Thailand.


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